Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname


Brownsberg Nature Park is located in the Brokopondo district, 130 kilometers south of the capital city Paramaribo. In 1970, the government instructed the management to STINASU that now protects the 120 kmĀ² area. Since the handover to Stinasu ecotourism activities are permitted.

From the central plateauĀ  to the Brownsberg there is a beautiful view over the Brokopondo Lake. This artificial lake is created by the construction of the Afobaka Dam, a dam on the Suriname River. The hiking trails running through the rainforest lead to many different waterfalls. Wild troop of red howler monkeys, gray winged Kami Kami's (Psophia crepitans) and different types of Agouti's (Dasyprocta) are popular attractions of this park.

The many strange insects that are attracted by the lights in the evening are fascinating to see. Within the park STINASU is now trying to develop a special orchid garden to show off the many brilliant species that are found in the area.