Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname


Welcome to the website of Foundation for Nature Conservation.

With us you can go for trips to the interior. We organize trips to Brownsberg, Raleighvallen and Babunsanti.

Are you a nature lover, or do you want to spend the day relaxing in a quiet breathtaking area, then you should visit us.
We also provide educational tours for students to increase their knowledge about the protected areas and species.

Mission Statement

STINASU is the leading and authoritative conservation organization that contributes through the promotion of scientific research, environmental education and nature tourism to protect the existing nature of Suriname.


Why Stinasu

Stinasu is a non- profit organization offering tours at a cheap rate.



Stinasu operates / maintains (ecotourism) activities "currently" in three areas namely:

  • Brownsberg Nature Park
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve - Raleigh Falls
  • Babunsanti

Furthermore Stinasu organizes completely trips.

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About Brownsberg

About Brownsberg

The Brownsberg Nature Park is located approximately 130 km south of Paramaribo, on a 500 meter high bauxite / laterite plateau and surrounded by a tough yellow / red clay existing hill and lowland areas, which is bordered on the east of the Brokopondo lake. The northern half of the plateau is protected and managed since 1970 by STINASU. Since the imposition Brownsberg Nature Park is the most popular destination for nature tourism in Suriname and has gained a national and international reputation.


About Raleighvallen

About Raleighfalls

The Raleigh Falls complex is located along the upper Coppename River in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR). This area is one of the oldest geological formations of the world. In 1998, the area is named as a large reserve. Raleighfalls is considered the gateway to the CSNR. Stinasu has its headquarters on the Fungu island where the lodging facilities are located, which cater for both tourists and researchers. Because of the large variety of birds Fungu island is also known as the "bird of paradise". Voltzberg is an important mating place for the rare Cock of the Rock (Rupicola rupicola). These can be viewed in their mating season from January to March. Also, all eight Surinamese monkey species are found there.


About Babunsanti

About Babunsanti

The Galibi Nature Reserve was established since it was proven one of the most important breeding grounds of four of the seven species of sea turtles in the western Atlantic nesting beaches. Galibi is located on the northeast coast of Suriname at the border with French Guiana. The area can be reached through a two-hour trip by car from Paramaribo to Albina followed by a boat trip that takes about 3 hours on the Marowijne River. The lodges of Stinasu are located at Babunsanti, where also the seaturtles come to nest. Babunsanti is about a half hour boat ride from the Carib villages Langamankondre and Christiaankondre. The presence of these two villages carries a particular aspect to the Galibi product, namely the possibility gain cultural experience.