Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname

Mission Statement

STINASU is the leading and authoritative conservation organization that contributes through the promotion of scientific research, environmental education and nature tourism to protect the existing nature of Suriname.

The board

  • The board consists of at least five (5) members, who are appointed, suspended and dismissed by the Minister of Planning and Forest Land (ROGB)
  • The members of the board are appointed for one year.
  • The board divides the functions themselves.


Stinasu aims to achieve its goals through the following activities:
A. To encourage, coordinate and (co-) financing of scientific exploration and making the existing nature reserves subservient by;

  1. Establishing and maintaining contacts with, and becoming a member of international institutions that moves on nature conservation areas.
  2. Obtaining financial and technical support to the called organizations.
  3. Programming and conducting scientific research in the nature reserves and the provision and publication of the results derived from this study.