Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname


Stinasu aims to achieve its goals through the following activities:
A. To encourage, coordinate and (co-) financing of scientific exploration and making the existing nature reserves subservient by;

  1. Establishing and maintaining contacts with, and becoming a member of international institutions that moves on nature conservation areas.
  2. Obtaining financial and technical support to the called organizations.
  3. Programming and conducting scientific research in the nature reserves and the provision and publication of the results derived from this study.

B. Making the reservations for recreational, educational, and economic purposes subservient for which these areas have been established; by means of:

  1. The accessibility of the nature reserves.
  2. The construction and operation of the overnight facilities in the reserves and providing transport to and in the nature reserves.
  3. Stimulating, through propaganda at home and abroad, visits to nature reserves, led by the to be trained supervisory personnel.
  4. The issue of publications and awareness material in the field of nature conservation in general and of the landscape, the flora and fauna of the reserves especially, this both for the schools and the general public.

C. Efforts to protect and serve the purpose of making science, recreation and public development of yet or sufficiently legally protected areas.

D. Obtaining financial resources necessary for achieving the set goals.

Stinasu is a nonprofit foundation. Money that comes in will be used in a way that we reach the ultimate goals of the foundation.