Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname


With the proclamation of the Nature Conservation law in 1954, the government was given the opportunity to protect unique ecosystems and species. This has formed the basis of the nature reserve policy. After the establishment of the nature reserves it was decided that they should be actively developed for scientific, educational and recreational reasons.

In 1969 STINASU (Foundation for Nature Conservation), a semi-government institution (this means that they are privately for a part and a part supported by the government) founded by Mr. John Schultz, head of Nature Management back then. He came up with the idea of targeted protection of Nature Tourism, now known as Ecotourism. This was introduced by him.

Stinasu was founded with the aim to develop and exploit nature reserves for scientific research, environmental education, nature tourism and other economic activities that do not conflict with nature conservation.
It is the most prominent organization in the field of nature conservation. A nature reserve is an area that has been given in leasehold by the Surinamese government to Stinasu like the Brownsberg Nature Park.