Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname

About Babunsanti

The Galibi Nature Reserve was established since it was proven one of the most important breeding grounds of four of the seven species of sea turtles in the western Atlantic nesting beaches. Galibi is located on the northeast coast of Suriname at the border with French Guiana. The area can be reached through a two-hour trip by car from Paramaribo to Albina followed by a boat trip that takes about 3 hours on the Marowijne River. The lodges of Stinasu are located at Babunsanti, where also the seaturtles come to nest. Babunsanti is about a half hour boat ride from the Carib villages Langamankondre and Christiaankondre. The presence of these two villages carries a particular aspect to the Galibi product, namely the possibility gain cultural experience.

Nature conservation contribution day guests

Adult SRD 35
Children (2-12 year) SRD 12.50
Children (1mnd-2year) Free entree

Rental options

Local guide SRD 70  per day
  • Sea turtles visit
  • Swimming
  • Cultural activities (Galibi)



Babubsanti lodge:

  • Warana lodge (20 pax)