Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname

About Brownsberg

The Brownsberg Nature Park is located approximately 130 km south of Paramaribo, on a 500 meter high bauxite / laterite plateau and surrounded by a tough yellow / red clay existing hill and lowland areas, which is bordered on the east of the Brokopondo lake. The northern half of the plateau is protected and managed since 1970 by STINASU. Since the imposition Brownsberg Nature Park is the most popular destination for nature tourism in Suriname and has gained a national and international reputation.


Stinasu also has access to a number of lodges in the park. Each lodge has its own name, each provided with bath and toilet.

  • Kapasi (8 pax)
  • Tapir (16pax)
  • Jeugdherberg (28pax)
  • Ark (Researchers lodge)
  • Waterfalls (Leoval, Irene fall, Koemboe fall, Mazaroni fall, Mazaroni topand Witti creek)
  • Bird Watching
  • Viewpoints on the lake
  • Several plant and animal species



Nature conservation contribution day guests

Adult SRD 35
Children  (2-12 year) SRD 12.50
Children (1month-2year) free entree
Local guide SRD 70 p/day