Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname



Distance: 45 min.
Difficulty: easy to walk

From the plateau you will come across a beautiful view point. There you can relax by the roar of the howler monkeys in the background. After about 15 minutes you will reach a junction. Left to Leofall and right to the Irenefall . The descent to the Leoval is doable for everyone. On the way it is in some parts little climbing, but there are steps made ​​of where it is easier to walk.


Distance (going down): 75 min.
Difficulty: quite a climb

The Irenefall is a bit further than the Leoval. The walk is heavier, because you have to climb more. But the fall is definitely worth the effort. For refreshment you can take a bath under the fall.


Distance: 70 min.
Difficulty: good walking

The path to this fall is longer, but also easier to walk. Only the last part is little difficult. This fall is smaller than the Leo and Irenefall, but the walk there is a nice, quiet walk.

Koemboe fall

Distance: 2.2 km (45 min)
Difficulty: Slow climb

The koemboe fall is named after the Kemboe palm. The blue-black fruits from this tree were used by the bush Negro’s to make koemboedrink, which tastes like chocolate milk.  The route is pretty flat in the beginning, but descends pretty steep after that (last 500 m). After the descent you will encounter the Koemboecreek. Cross the creek and climb 1.5 m up. After the descent you will see a rapid with the falls on your right hand.

Witti creek

Distance: 105 min.
Difficulty: walk slowly down

This is a very nice walk with a reasonable degree of difficulty. With a walking stick and a slow pace, it is an easy walk. Accompanied by the roar of the howler monkeys, you can get a lot of other things to. Arriving at the babbling creek you can rest and a little further you can take a dip in the cool waters of the lake which has arisen.


Distance: 15 min.
Difficulty: easy

A fifteen minute walk from the plateau, there is a viewpoint called the Mazaronitop. There are benches where you can sit and enjoy the view you have on the Brokopondo Lake.