Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname

About Raleighfalls

The Raleigh Falls complex is located along the upper Coppename River in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR). This area is one of the oldest geological formations of the world. In 1998, the area is named as a large reserve. Raleighfalls is considered the gateway to the CSNR. Stinasu has its headquarters on the Fungu island where the lodging facilities are located, which cater for both tourists and researchers. Because of the large variety of birds Fungu island is also known as the "bird of paradise". Voltzberg is an important mating place for the rare Cock of the Rock (Rupicola rupicola). These can be viewed in their mating season from January to March. Also, all eight Surinamese monkey species are found there.



  • Gonini (10 rooms / 21 pax)
  • Tamanua (20 pax)

Hammocks Camp:

  • Common Pavilion (80 pax)


  • Motherfalls
  • Voltzberg
  • Birdwatching
  • Anjoemarafalls
  • Several plant and animal species
  • Sula’s
  • Swimming
  • Fishing (catch and release)



Nature conservation contribution day guests

Adult SRD 35
Children  (2-12 yr) SRD 12.50
Children  (1mnd-2yr) Free entree

Rental options

Hammock SRD 50 per night
Local guide SRD 70  per night