Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname


Nature conservation contribution day guests

Adult SRD 35
Children  (2-12 yr) SRD 12.50
Children  (1mnd-2yr) Free entree

Rental options

Hammock SRD 50 per night
Local guide SRD 70  per night



Price per night

Tamanua (20 pax) SRD 1500
Gonini (2 people room) SRD 265
Gonini (3 people room) SRD 345
Tamanua per person SRD 75


  • Prices are exclusive nature conservation contribution
  • Prices are exclusive hammock
  • Bring your own tent
  • Rooms: private bath / toilet
  • Hammocks camp and Tamanua: shared bath / toilet
  • Separate kitchen for Tamanua and Gonini (Mandatory to rent the kitchen)
  • Cooking utensils and sheets provided
  • Electricity: 6 pm - 11 pm
  • Mandatory to take local guide when visiting the Voltzberg or waterfalls